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Dec 13, 2015 at 07:53 PM

For residents of the U.S.A

Steps for getting your criminal record check apostilled

1) Obtain an FBI criminal record check (i.e. a national level criminal record check) WITH authentication by the FBI. Please note: for the FBI CRC you are essentially getting the FBI to act as your “notary public” and authenticating your CRC. When you send in your request to the FBI, make sure to include a written request to have your FBI check AUTHENTICATED (signed or stamped by the FBI) before it gets sent back. If you forget to do this, you will NOT be able to get the FBI check apostilled by the Department of State.So it is a two-step process here.
Please click here to see an example of the apostilled and the authenticated FBI CRC.
2) Mail or bring your FBI authenticated CRC to the U.S. Department of State(, Authentications Office in Washington D.C. As mentioned above, the FBI is acting as your “notary public” so you do not need to get it notarized by a notary public/lawyer.

Note: Currently, Korean Immigration and EPIK requires documents to be apostilled at the Federal level

Expediting the Apostille Process

It takes the U.S. Department of the State anywhere from 2-6 weeks (the average turnaround time is about 4 weeks) to return your CRC with an apostille. So, please consider using one of the private agencies below to help expedite the service.


We recommend you use US Legalization below (most of our job applicants were satisfied with their service and their quoted turnaround time is one business day)

US Legalization:
Express Documents Authentication Services:
US Authentication Services:
Apostille US:

For residents of the UK

1) UK applicants should contact the Metropolitan Police ( and request a Subject Access Search. You may also contact Disclosure Scotland( If you apply for the Scottish disclosure, the turnaround time is much faster (30-40 business days with the Metropolitan Police vs. less than 2 weeks with the Scottish Disclosure). Note: You do not need to be Scottish in order to apply for the Scottish Disclosure.
2) Get your Subject Access, Police Criminal Record Check or Scottish disclosure notarized by a notary public or solicitor.
3) After it is notarized, bring it or mail it to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office have it apostilled.
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