Cheongju (O-chang)END NOV 1:30-9:30 2.1M-2.3M (2 Expats-full benefits) PDF Print E-mail
Sep 21, 2016 at 10:24 AM

Location: Cheongju (O-chang)

Teacher: One native teacher

Start date: End of Nov.

Students: Elementary~ middle school

Working hours: 1:30~ 9:30pm(MTWT) 1:30~ 7:15pm(F)

Salary: 2.1~ 2.3 million won

Single housing

10 Vacation days

Currently 2 native English teachers are working.

Two way tickets, 50% medical insurance, 50% national pension and severance pay are provided.

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Contact: with your resume and current photo and can fill out the job application at or visit our jobs boards here: ‘Click here’