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Why you should go to teach English in Korea through T.E.I.K.
Feb 08, 2020 at 12:00 AM

images/stories/misty morton w-students1thumbnail.jpgwww.TeachEnglishinKorea.org  [T.E.I.K.] was created to help college graduates find excellent teaching positions in S. Korea. We help place high-quality teachers in Korean public elementary schools & private English schools that have a track record of honoring their contracts and treating their teachers well. We at T.E.I.K.  strongly believe that happy teachers in Korea make happy Korean students, parents, and schools, so we take a hands-on approach in helping to facilitate the connecting of well qualified English teachers with well-run schools in Korea. 

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New E2 Visa Regulations
Feb 08, 2020 at 12:00 AM
    As of January 2011 new E2 visa regulations went into effect and now the visa process is more complicated and there are more documents needed in order to process the visa, which has added about two and a half weeks onto the visa process. Before the new visa rules went into effect, to obtain an E2 visa there were two steps in the visa process... Some document requirements have been modified as listed below.
  • Before January 2011 the process was to overnight all of your visa documents to Korea. Now some things have changed ([1] school contract (signed), [2] passport photocopy, [3] notarized photocopy of the diploma with apostille notarization [or notarization by Korean Consulate for Canadians and from your Embassy if in Korea]  [4] official sealed transcripts [are no longer required, but public schools may request a set-so order 1 set], [5] 3 passport photos, [6] visa application form (signed), and [7] have paid the visa processing fee.
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Last Updated ( Feb 07, 2020 at 10:43 PM )
TEFL Certification
Feb 08, 2020 at 12:00 AM

TEFL MASTER Certification

150 hour certification: 130 hours correspondence course + 20 hours teaching practicum. 20, 40, & 60 hour Business TEFL Specialist Course Available!

images/stories/korea 2004 brad & yumi bucheon korea[3].jpg

Tuition Only $549

And if you can get a friend to sign up with you, we can give you an additional $100 off your tuition. Also, check out below our certified 

150 Hour TEFL correspondence course for only $450 ($200 off the normal price of $650, so only $450!!! if you sign up with a friend or if you go to Korea through us and you use TEIK's optional visa processing service)!!!

TEFL 150 Hour Correspondence Course: normal price $649, but only $450 with discount, see below for details.


150 hours of Self Pace/Self Study Online learning Online TEFL




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