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Jan 20, 2020 at 02:24 AM Beijing Public Schools SEP 1st 2020-June 30 2021 (90 days vac.)(14k—16k RMB+Full Benefits) 276
Mar 29, 2019 at 03:37 AM Beijing Public Schools (3 mo. vacation) SEP 1st housing, bonus, flight, med 20 hrs.wk. $2100-2200 mo 426
Jul 19, 2017 at 10:49 PM Gov't Kindy in Beijing China needs 10 teachers ($1800-$2100), housing, flight, insurance, 2 wks vac. 684
Nov 11, 2015 at 10:23 PM BEST ESL Job in Yanji China! Awesome Expat References for school by current teachers-Full Benefits 2543
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  • Jobs: Seoul  ( 644 items )
    Seoul is the capital of Korea with over 600 years of history. It is the heart of Korea’s culture and education as well as politics and economics. Seoul is unique in that historical sites such as Gyeongbokgung Palace and modern cultural facilities coexist in harmony. Seoul is a world-class city with numerous amenities and shopping districts such as Myeong-dong and Apgujeong.More than half of English teachers live in and around Seoul and enjoy living in such a large city. Seoul is very competitive with regards to getting placed in schools in Seoul because most teachers want to live in Seoul
  • Jobs: Seoul Suburbs  ( 1675 items )

    There are three main satellite cities of Seoul (Bucheon [seen in the picture], Bundang and Ilsan) with each having about one million residents and are 20-60 minutes to downtown Seoul by subway or bus and each has its own city center. About 20% of English teachers live in satellite cities of Seoul.

    These three suburbs of Seoul are very popular for English teachers because of the more laid back feeling and less hectic than Seoul and with the fairly close proximity to Seoul it is easy to go into the city for the weekend. There are a plethora of great English schools in these areas and there are a lot of parks amongst the rows of Apartments.



  • Jobs: Rest of Korea  ( 1077 items )
    There are a lot of other major cities that are popular with teachers such as Busan (4 million), Jejudo Island (500,000), Daejun (3 million), Daegu (2 million) and smaller cities (less than 500,000) as well. The eastern coast of Korea is very beautiful with its high mountains and pristine white sand beaches and is a very different experience compared to living in the bigger cities of Korea. We usually place about 10% of teachers in these areas.
  • Part-time Jobs  ( 40 items )

    We are currently taking resumes (with photo) for PT positions throughout Korea. If you are interested and would like to be considered for PT jobs, then please email us ( your current photo, resume and scan of ARC card (front/back).  We will then add your email address to our database of available teachers.

    We will send available jobs to the pool of available teachers on a weekly basis.