What is special about EPIK?



Settlement Allowance - 300,000 KRW (one-time payment)


All EPIK GETs, regardless of level, will be provided with a settlement allowance of 300,000 KRW within the first month of their first contract.

Free Furnished Housing Provided - Single studio-type housing


Free furnished housing or a rent subsidy will be provided by the host POE.

A leased house/apartment/studio-type room as well as basic household goods will be provided by the host POE.

Basic household goods include: a bed, a table and chairs, a wardrobe, a gas stove, a refrigerator, a washing machine, a microwave oven, and a TV set.

Utilities and maintenance fees are not provided for and are the responsibility of the EPIK GET.

Due to variations in housing costs in different regions of Korea, the size and location of the supplied housing can vary from POE to POE.

If housing is unavailable, a monthly rent subsidy of 400,000 KRW will be provided in lieu of free furnished housing

Severance Pay - Equal to approximately one month's salary / year


All EPIK GETs, regardless of level, who successfully complete a one-year contract, will be entitled to receive severance pay. Severance pay is equal to approximately one month's salary.

Entrance/Exit Allowance


Within the first month of the contract, all EPIK GETs, regardless of level, will be provided with 1,300,000 KRW of Entrance Allowance.

To prevent early termination of contracts, the Entrance Allowance is issued as a form of a loan from the employer to the EPIK GET. In the event that the contract is terminated within six (6) months of its implementation, including renewal contracts, regardless of course or grounds, the EPIK GET will repay the above-mentioned loan to the EPIK office immediately.

An Exit Allowance of 1,300,000 KRW is provided upon successful completion of the 1 year contract.

Renewal Allowance


2,000,000 KRW will be provided upon successful completion and renewal of your contract with the same POE. In this case, the other allowances (Settlement, Entrance, and Exit) do not apply.

Compulsory Medical Insurance - 50% of your premiums paid by your employer


Pursuant to the National Medical Insurance Act, 50% of your medical insurance premiums will be paid by your host POE. Current medical insurance premiums total approximately 4.31% of your salary and are payable monthly. Half of this amount, about 2.1%, will be paid by your host POE, with the remaining amount being deducted from your monthly salary. This medical insurance will allow you to receive medical attention and prescription medicines at a fraction of their original cost. In the event that EPIK GETs have dependents living with them in Korea, their host POE will continue to pay 50% of their medical insurance premiums for both the GET and his/her dependents.

National Pension Scheme - 50% of your compulsory contributions paid by your employer (some information is outdated but will soon be updated)


National Pension Scheme - Pursuant to the Korean National Pension Corporation Act, 50% of your compulsory pension contributions will be paid by your host POE. Current compulsory pension contributions total approximately 9% of your salary and are payable monthly. Half of this amount, about 4.5%, will be paid by your host POE, with the remaining amount being deducted from your monthly salary.

National Pension Scheme Refunds - At present, only EPIK ELIs holding American or Canadian citizenship are eligible for a lump-sum pension refund upon successfully completing their contract and departing Korea. Information and documentation to apply for this refund can be found on the Korean National Pension Service website. EPIK ELIs from countries other than the USA and Canada are only entitled to receive pension benefits in the case of retirement or tragedy. More information about pension benefits and refunds can be found on the Korean National Pension Service

Tax Exemption - 2 years of income tax exemption (except for Canadians-this information is outdated but still relevant for some job applicant, please ask I Love ESL for updated information


With the exception of Canadians, all EPIK ELIs, regardless of ELI level, are exempt from paying Korean income tax for the first two years of their employment in Korea. To be eligible for this tax exemption, you must submit official proof of residency in the form of Residency Certification from the relevant jurisdictional tax office of your country of permanent residence. This document must be submitted to the supervisor of your POE within one month of your arrival in Korea. In order to be tax exempted, you are required to submit documents below to your supervisor within the first month of your employment.


  • Application Form(provided by your supervisor)
  • A copy of Residence Certificate(issued by the competent authority - Revenue Office of your resident country)

If you have previously worked for more than two years in Korea, you are ineligible for this income tax exemption. Income tax exemption can be an exceptional benefit since, for example, in the USA, single persons with no dependents may need to pay one-third of their income as tax. As there is no tax treaty between Canada and Korea, Canadian EPIK ELIs will be taxed between 2 and 4 percent on their Korean income depending on their EPIK GET level.


When you renew your contract with a same POE:


  • An additional paid two-week vacation will be provided between contracts for renewing members.
  • Teachers complete the 1 year contract will be entitled to receive severance pay one month equivalent.
  • 2,000,000 KRW will be provided upon successful completion and renewal of your contract with the same POE. In this case, the other allowances (Settlement, Entrance, and Exit) do not apply.








Only in Seoul

Suburb of Seoul

Other than Seoul and Suburb of Seoul

Salary(depends on qualification




Rural Allowance

Not available



Paid Vacation

21days(including weekends)

20days(excluding weekends)

21days(including weekends)

Rural paid vacation bonus

Not available



Single Housing

within 20~30min from School

Walking distance

Within 10~20mins from School

Housing Allowance

0.5M(No key money support)

0.4M(No key money support)

0.4M(No Key money support)

Settlement Allowance





1.3M Cash

Full reimbursement

1.3M Cash

Working Hour




Teaching Hour




Overtime(teaching hrs)

Not fixed



Overtime(working hrs)

Not fixed











Date for Salary






Required Document for EPIK application


 1. Application form

Applicant must fill in EPIK application including personal essay and self medical check form. Personal Essay must be more than 300 words and TEIK recommends that you to write this essay briefly about why you would be an outstanding teacher in the EPIK program. 


2. Formal Resume (cover letter)

Resume must be formal and appropriate for applying at a public school teaching job. Highlight one's education background and full time/part-time/volunteer teaching experience must be clearly stated on your resume and a cover letter must be included as well.


3. BA and MA Diploma (notarized copy only)

EPIK applicant must have a 3~4 years BA qualification or above and applicants must provide a notarized (Apostilled) copy of their BA and MA diploma(s). Do not send the original.


4. Official Sealed Transcripts (BA and MA)

Officially Sealed Academic Transcripts must be provided and the applicant must provide MA or Doctorate transcripts as well (if it is applicable).

*Note: Statewide CBC (Criminal Background Check) clearance is only acceptable.


5. A clear copy of Passport (Photo page only)

Photocopy of one's passport needs to be submitted and notarization is not necessary. 


6. Criminal Record Check(Photo page only)

Notarized (Apostilled) CBC (CRC same as CBC) criminal background check. Criminal record check is only valid up to 6 months after it is issued.

l  CBC/CRC Web Search Results by a private company are not acceptable and the CRC must clearly state that "No criminal record" or "No criminal record found" on the statement.


7. Two sealed reference (recommendation) letters

Recommendation letters must be sealed and the EPIK office will open these documents when they screen applicant's documents. A friend or close relative can't issue this reference letter. An academic professor or former/current employer should issue this letter and the letters must have a letter head and contact information with a signature on it.


8. Teaching Certification or Language Certificate (TEFL, TESOL or CELTA)

Certified teachers must provide notarized copies of teaching certifications and or Language certificates such as CELTA, TESOL or TEFL and these courses must be more than 100 hrs to receive credit otherwise it won't positively affect your salary level (certificate holders can have a higher salary).


9. Three passport size photos

You need to prepare several passport photos because you will need one also after you arrive in South Korea for your alien registration card. You need to paste one of your passport size photos onto your application and send two to Korea with your documents. 


10. Letter of full-time teaching experience.

Applicants must provide an official letter from their previous employers in order to prove an applicant's full-time teaching experience. A copy of your previous E2 visa or a copy of your previous contract(s) will not be acceptable and the period of employment and "full-time employee" should be stated in your letter.

Only one full year of experience will be considered as a full time teaching experience, so less than that will not be considered for higher pay (for better salary criteria).


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