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Why you should go to teach English in Korea through T.E.I.K. PDF Print E-mail
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Feb 08, 2020 at 12:00 AM

images/stories/misty morton w-students1thumbnail.jpgwww.TeachEnglishinKorea.org  [T.E.I.K.] was created to help college graduates find excellent teaching positions in S. Korea. We help place high-quality teachers in Korean public elementary schools & private English schools that have a track record of honoring their contracts and treating their teachers well. We at T.E.I.K.  strongly believe that happy teachers in Korea make happy Korean students, parents, and schools, so we take a hands-on approach in helping to facilitate the connecting of well qualified English teachers with well-run schools in Korea. 

We at TEIK believe that when one of our teachers goes to Korea our job has only started, where most other recruiters feel that their job is over and it is a sink or swim approach for the teachers. We believe that we would be doing the teachers and the schools a disservice if we did not keep in contact periodically with the teachers to help ensure that they are transitioning well into Korea life and that they are excelling at their schools. We are N. Americans who have taught English/placed English teachers in Korea, since 1997. We will be straight up with you and we will help you through the whole process while giving you honest advice from someone who’s been there and done it with no cost to you.

If you look closely, most of the Ads you will see for teaching in Korea are run by Koreans, Korean schools or Korean owned companies who hire westerners and who care more about their schools than they do you. We on the other hand have a very different perspective then them.


We focus on the needs of our prospective teachers first and the needs of the school second. We will not place a teacher at a school just to earn a commission like some agencies do and we will be there for you even after you are placed, unlike most recruiters who feel that their job is finished when you get to Korea.


We periodically check on our teachers through out their placement (3-4 times per their 12 month contract), so as to monitor their experience and to ensure that the school is reputable, so that we feel confident about placing another teacher there in the future.


Unique to www.teachenglishinkorea.org is the sense of community with our teachers that we send to Korea. All of us at TEIK having spent a few to many years in Korea we know personally that the hardest part of living overseas was being homesick and we realized that having a great social network outside of our home countries made one miss home so much less because one would be having too much fun with their extended group of friends that they would have while they were in Korea and that is why we organize social events for teachers we’ve placed as a way to increase the size of the teachers social network and maximize the Korea experience. We also introduce our new TEIK teachers to our current teachers in Korea to help build up our new teachers social networks and no other recruitment agency does this as a 'normal' part of the recruitment process.


While we were in Korea we saved a lot of money, traveled to many other Asian countries and had an amazing time doing it and so can you. Even if you do not go to Korea through us, we hope that you do go because we have a huge amount of love for the country, the people, the students and the food!


Just to reiterate: Our goal is to send quality teachers to quality schools, period. If you want to work with an honest N. American recruitment company who will continue working for you after you arrive in Korea, then www.teachenglishinkorea.org would love the opportunity to work with you.


If you are not 100% certain that you feel that you would be a great candidate to teach English in Korea, then don't waste both of our time because we only want to work with caring and honest individuals who have an adventurous spirit, love to travel, meet new people and who love teaching children.


We hope that you choose to go to Korea through us and have an amazing experience like we all did, you won’t regret it if you decide to go.


*****IMPORTANT***2008 E2 Visa Regulation Changes***IMPORTANT*****

Please be aware that there are now additional procedures to obtain an E2 visa. Please go to http://www.chicagoconsulate.org/en/sub03/sub03_01.php to read about what is required to obtain an E2 visa.


NOTE: Do not worry, we will help you through every step of the complicated visa process.


Best Regards,

Brad Brennan

Program Director/Owner


 $2000-$2500 mo. base pay + FREE HOUSING!!! +round trip air to Korea + 1 mo. pay bonus + 1/2 medical

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